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Job Growth and Job Training

Christina has a plan to expand job training and apprenticeship programs - helping businesses grow and create new jobs - so more Oregonians can find a good-paying job, earn a raise, and keep up with inflation. Christina worked her way through college, but knows college isn’t the right choice for everyone. That’s why we need more career technical education and school-to-pathways, so everyone can succeed in our economy, whether they went to college or not. As Labor Commissioner, Christina's top priority will be easing our workforce shortages and helping anyone who wants to work hard earn the skills they need.


Helping Small Businesses

Christina knows that small businesses drive our local economy. As a small business owner herself, Christina understands the struggles small businesses face with rising costs and a strained labor market. Big corporations that don’t play by the rules shouldn't have a competitive advantage over our home-grown businesses, which is why she’ll continue working to level the playing field for responsible businesses who work hard to do right by their communities. As Labor Commissioner, Christina will increase job training to help ease the worker shortage and will invest in the technical assistance Oregon businesses need to stay compliant with Oregon laws.


Workplace Fairness

As a civil rights and labor attorney, Christina has a track record of fighting for employees who have been discriminated against or unjustly fired or punished. She has taken on big corporations on behalf of workers and won. Christina has championed workplace fairness by helping shape the policies for enforcement of workplace health and safety laws, whistleblower protection, and expanded non-discrimination rights for workers. As Labor Commissioner she will continue standing up for workers who are mistreated and level the playing field for small businesses who play by the rules.


Supporting Women and Families in the Workforce

Oregon’s next Labor Commissioner needs to support economic and gender equality, which means enforcing policies on equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, strong protections against sexual harassment, and access to reproductive care. Christina supports the right to abortion and understands that laws banning abortion will negatively impact our national and local economy. As Labor Commissioner she'll make sure that gender, age, sexual orientation, family status, or barriers to health don't impact a person's ability to get a good job, earn a good wage, get a promotion, or open their business in Oregon.

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Rural Jobs

Oregonians all across the state need good jobs, strong workplace protections, and support for small businesses. Christina is committed to understanding and meeting the unique needs of rural Oregon by investing in apprenticeships throughout the state and enhancing job training in fields that drive local, rural economies. As Labor Commissioner, she'll work to make sure that pathways to family wage jobs are available in all of our communities.

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Civil Rights

Christina has spent her career fighting for fair workplaces for all Oregonians. She knows that Oregonians, especially LGBTQ+, Black, Indigenous and other People of Color can experience discrimination in many places, including in the workplace. She understands the unique risks and challenges that protected communities face at work, in housing, and in public spaces. As Labor Commissioner, Christina will continue fighting against discrimination and harrassment in all of its forms.


Protecting our Climate

As a civil rights attorney, Christina has worked to protect workers exposed to environmental health and safety hazards in the workplace. As Labor Commissioner, Christina will ensure whistleblowers are protected and she'll work to increase apprenticeship programs for jobs in green energy fields to help Oregon build a climate-resilient workforce and economy.