Christina Stephenson for the Environment

Growing up in unincorporated Washington County, Christina has always been passionate about protecting green spaces, while also advocating for clean air and water for every Oregonian. Christina believes strongly that we must take immediate and bold action to combat the effects of climate change to protect our planet today and for generations to come.

The Covid-19 pandemic demands urgent collective action to address existential threats, both immediate and those posed by future public health hazards. Climate change also creates grave danger, and will require the same concerted effort as ending this pandemic. But, these parallel crises converge to create a unique opportunity to forge a brighter future for us all, where ALL Oregonians have opportunities to thrive.

Meaningfully addressing climate change will require fundamentally restructuring our economy to eliminate fossil fuel dependence and weave a sustainable economic web. For too long we have pit economic interests against environmental ones, creating a race to the bottom where everyone loses. However, we now have an opportunity to strengthen our economy and protect the environment for generations to come.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented shut-down of the American economy, making real, structural changes possible when it reopens.

We must seize this moment to create a livable environment for generations of Oregonians to come by taking the following steps:

+ Government procurement and other actions taken to recover from this crisis must be evaluated in terms of whether they will help us meet our climate goals. In making this evaluation, we must ensure that vulnerable communities do not continue to disproportionately bear the burden of climate change.

+ Lawmakers should assist businesses in adapting to climate change, rather than unthinkingly subsidizing the status quo.

+ We must focus on eliminating food waste and creating efficient supply chains that get food to where it is needed.

+ We must invest in rebuilding our infrastructure, including replacing lead pipes, expanding wind and solar power, and building clean and affordable public transit.

+ We must weatherize public buildings, build and repair public supportive housing, restore our wetlands and forests, and support regenerative agriculture led by family farmers.

+ Critically, all investments should include conditions for industries to implement high-road labor standards, workforce development, and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and toxic pollution.

+ We must educate the next generation by updating curriculum to include regenerative, sustainable, climate-smart practices.


Christina Stephenson for Healthcare for All

Christina believes that healthcare is a human right. Throughout her career as a civil rights attorney, she has fought against powerful interests on behalf of Oregonians. As our nation sees a spike in a Big Pharma-fueled opioid crisis and fellow Oregonians are crushed by the weight of medical bills, Christina stands firmly on the side of Oregonians in need of care and compassion. Christina believes we need a comprehensive, equitable, publicly funded, and high-quality health care system to serve all Oregon residents and will fight special interests to achieve this goal.


Christina Stephenson for Homelessness and Housing Solutions

Christina believes we need to prioritize affordable and equitable access to housing for all, including for houseless members of our community. Christina will work to add environmentally-conscious, permanent supportive housing for high needs individuals. Christina will work to prevent homelessness by ensuring that we stabilize rents and make evictions fair and rare. Further, she will work to ensure that rent assistance gets to renters by structuring subsidies to minimize landlord profiteering and cap the growth of subsidies to avoid incentivizing rent increases.

Although houselessness is a complicated issue, it is not beyond the reach of human ingenuity. As we tackle this pressing problem we must ensure accurate data collection on the scope of homelessness and housing insecurity as these measures drive service delivery. Further, policy development should adopt a regional approach that allows for greater efficiency and coordination because these issues do not stop at jurisdictional borders. Finally, we must apply an equity lens to policy formation and execution so that solutions meet the needs of people of all races, sexual orientations, and abilities.

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Christina Stephenson for Ending the Addiction Crisis

Oregon has the third-highest addiction rate in the U.S. but we are 47th in access to addiction treatment. Addressing addiction will help us save billions and make progress on our foster care, homelessness, and incarceration crises. Christina will work to support the strategic plan which focuses on prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery support.


Christina Stephenson for Small Businesses

A small business owner herself, Christina knows that small business owners are deeply invested in the health and wellbeing of our community and value affordable health care, environmentally sound practices, and strong schools. Christina also knows that businesses that don't play by the rules shouldn't have a competitive advantage in this state; that is why she has worked to level the playing field for responsible business and why she has worked to bring fairness into the tax code so that everyone pays their fair share.

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Christina Stephenson for Students

As a mom, Christina is passionate about ensuring that our schools offer all students a safe and quality learning environment. She will work to make college and technical training more affordable and accessible. In addition, she will help protect and expand apprenticeship programs that enfranchise workers from all backgrounds into quality family-wage jobs.


Christina Stephenson for Criminal Justice Reform

Christina is passionate about transforming our criminal justice system. Christina will focus on fairness, accountability, and evidence-based solutions that promote civil rights and improve legal representation for communities that have often been underserved in the past, including people of color. Christina believes we need to invest in crime prevention, treatment, and solutions beyond incarceration.

Christina is passionate about transforming our system of criminal justice to end the criminalization of poverty, addiction, and mental health. To do this, Christina believes we need to invest in crime prevention, treatment, indigent defense providers, and solutions beyond incarceration to make sure that those who have the least don’t suffer the most.

Christina knows that often times the best results for the community, crime victims, and criminal defendants are achieved when criminal defense practitioners, judges and prosecuting attorneys are meaningfully able to work together to resolve cases. To achieve that end, she believes that we should implement restorative justice practices and repeal one-size-fits all approaches like mandatory minimum sentences.

Christina also knows that the focus for those who have been convicted of crimes should be on successful re-entry. Long prison sentences without incentives, access to programming, and education opportunities only increases the likelihood of reoffending and make for a more difficult transition from incarceration. Christina will work to promote access to programs that are proven to reduce recidivism for those who are serving prison sentences. For those on supervision, Christina also recognizes a need to shift from a post-conviction supervision system that is designed to detect and punish non-compliance, rather than reward and promote compliance. Christina also wants to improve access to the courts for people seeking post-conviction relief so that wrongful convictions are swiftly overturned. She will also work for legal reforms to help domestic violence survivor-defendants, so that we can interrupt the cycles of trauma and abuse.

Once elected, Christina will look to partner and listen to those interested in making smart changes that will improve the criminal justice system because if we can do that, we will in turn create a safer, fairer and more equitable community for all of us.

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Christina Stephenson for Campaign Finance Reform

Christina is very concerned about the influence of money in the legislative process and has taken the Green New Deal pledge, the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge, and developed a No-Pharma Money pledge. Christina strongly supports campaign finance reform and would like to see substantial changes so that the interests of voters are not drowned-out by monied special interests. Christina believes we must increase transparency, strengthen rules for government lobbying and ethics, and have strong accountability for campaign finance violations.

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Christina Stephenson for Workers

As a civil rights attorney, Christina is fiercely passionate about protecting the rights of workers, fighting against discrimination in the workplace, and ensuring equity for all Oregonians. In the state legislature, Christina has worked to bring justice to workers by helping lead the fight for Fair Scheduling; Corporate Accountability; Enforcement of Health and Safety Laws; and Expanded Workplace Fairness Rights.


Christina Stephenson for Families

As a caretaker to a dying parent and as a mother who went back to work too soon after the birth of her son, Christina has fought to ensure that Oregonians have access to bereavement and family leave. Christina was a leader in the effort to bring Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance to Oregon so that workers would have the time they need to take care of themselves and their loved ones. These efforts culminated in the passage of the most progressive paid family leave bill in the country in 2019.


Christina Stephenson for Women

Through her volunteer efforts, Christina works with elected officials to champion policies that not only expand abortion access, but ensure that every person in Oregon has access to the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare. In her work as an attorney, Christina has stood up for working women by fighting against discrimination in the workplace and advocating for pay equity in some of the largest corporations in the U.S.

Family and Pets

Christina Stephenson for Working Families

Christina understands the struggles of working families first hand. Growing up, Christina experienced a turbulent economy and its effect on families. She has since dedicated her career to representing working people. Christina will work to increase affordability for Oregon families at all income-levels, including affordable childcare, healthcare, and elder care.


Christina Stephenson for the Community

Christina has spent countless hours volunteering in her community for environmental, immigrant, housing, and reproductive justice issues. In addition to volunteering, Christina has consistently organized others through planning and organizing educational opportunities.