NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon

Christina played a key role in passage of the most inclusive Paid Family and Medical Leave law in the nation. She is a strong advocate for civil rights, in the wake of #metoo, she helped pass new protections for victims of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. She will be a fantastic advocate for the people of House District 33.


Oregon AFL-CIO

Oregon Nurses Association

Christina Stephenson has a proven record of standing up for working Oregonians, both through her work as a civil rights attorney and as an advocate in Salem. She was an effective partner in helping pass paid family and medical leave in 2019 and has continually spoken in support of more equitable systems of care for all Oregonians- whether it's childcare, healthcare or elder care. That's why the Oregon Nurses Association is proud to endorse Christina Stephenson for State Representative.

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Oregon Education Association

Oregon State Fire Fighters Council

Moms Demand Action

Preventing gun violence is an essential component of improving public health, and Moms Demand Action leads the way. It’s a honor to receive their gun sense candidate distinction, and I’m devoted to helping them advance their common sense public safety goals through policy and action. Last month, our country experienced a March with no school shootings for the first time since 2002. We shouldn’t have to rely on school closures and a pandemic to reach that milestone. Instead, let’s stack our legislature with experienced policy makers who are dedicated to this important cause. - Christina


Portland Clean Air

The right to breathe clean air is a basic human right. And while it can be easy to take for granted, good air quality is something that all of us have to actively defend. Portlanders need leaders who take this responsibility seriously, and that's why we are excited to endorse Christina Stephenson for State Representative - HD 33. Christina is dedicated to our goal of bettering air quality for Portlanders and Oregonians alike, and she will always strive to improve public health through advocacy for progressive air policy.

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Portland Association of Teachers

After interviewing a number of qualified and dedicated legislative candidates, the Portland Teachers Association PAC is proud to endorse Christina Stephenson for State Representative - HD 33. As a civil rights attorney, Christina has centered her career around protecting workers. She will be a fierce advocate for labor rights, housing affordability, school funding, and the revenue reform we need to make Oregon a place where all our community members can thrive. As the mom of a kindergartener in PPS, she sees first-hand how direly our schools need the resources to lower classes and offer all the supports that our students need.


Beaverton Education Association

Tualatin Valley Firefighters Union - IAFF Local 1660

Christina is a proven leader in her work with labor unions as an attorney. When two of our members where threatened with layoff notices in Scappoose, Christina showed up to the board meeting, standing in solidarity with firefighters and paramedics.

Oregon Consumer League

In an economy that is becoming increasingly complex, the potential pitfalls that endanger our most vulnerable citizens grows daily. Seniors are especially susceptible to serious harm caused by unscrupulous business practices. We need leaders in government who will fight to level the playing field for them, and that's why we are enthusiastically endorsing Christina Stephenson for State Representative of House District 33. Time and again, she's proven herself to be a reliable consumer advocate and has zealously fought to protect seniors. We can count on a civil rights lawyer like Christina to demand consumer fairness and to help hold bad agents accountable!

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Oregon State Council For Retired Citizens
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Oregon Single Payer Advocates

PCUN - Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste

Christina is a civil rights attorney and has been committed to working with Latinx immigrant and low-income communities throughout her career. We are excited to build and pass inclusive policies alongside Christina!

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Women's Investment Network Political Action Committee

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 48

IAFF Local 1159 - Professional Firefighters of Clackamas County

We proudly serve our public with professionalism, and we support you as we know you will serve the public with the same pride.

Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
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Oregon & Southern Idaho District Council of Laborers

LiUNA recognizes Christina's commitment to working in the State Legislature to help advance labor standards and serve as a strong voice on issues vital to working families both in the local region, as well as throughout the state.


Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council
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Amalgamated Transit Union 757

UA Local 290 Plumbers & Steamfitters
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NECA, Oregon-Columbia Chapter
NECA Chapter Logo

Boilermakers Local 104

Workers across all industries need strong, principled leaders who have what it takes to demand workplace justice and economic fairness. We depend on advocates who value not just our rights, but our dignity as well. That's why we are proudly endorsing Christina Stephenson for State Representative - HD 33. She's an accomplished civil rights lawyer, and has been fighting tough battles on behalf of working people for nearly a decade. Outside of the courtroom, she helped draft the 2019 Oregon Workplace Fairness Act and even testified as part of the effort to get the bill passed. Working Oregonians need more people like Christina in Salem. Let's help her get there!


Oregon Trial Lawyers Association

Ted Kulongoski Former Governor of Oregon

Christina’s breadth of experience in representing and advocating for working people makes her a much-needed addition to the Oregon House.


Val Hoyle Oregon Labor Commissioner

I’m proud to endorse Christina Stephenson. She has spent her career as a civil rights attorney standing up for those who don't have a voice and I know she’ll continue fighting for working people as State Representative for House District 33.


Jeanne Atkins Former Democratic Party of Oregon Chair

Our right to vote depends on clean and fair elections, and we must elect leaders who will stand up against gerrymandering and demand meaningful campaign finance reform. We need principled advocates who know how to fight. Christina Stephenson has the right values and the necessary vigor, and that's why I'm honored to endorse Christina Stephenson for State Representative of HD 33. As a civil rights attorney, Christina understands better than most that our right to vote is among the most sacred. We can be assured that she'll approach clean and fair elections in Oregon as such.


Shemia Fagan Oregon State Senator

Housing costs in Oregon have skyrocketed. Too many households are struggling to pay for essentials like food, medication, and childcare because so much of their income goes towards paying rent. Making matters worse, renters in Oregon are disproportionately people of color, which means they are unfairly bearing the brunt of this crisis. Improving housing affordability means standing up to powerful interests, and that's why I'm endorsing Christina Stephenson for Representative of House District 33. As a fellow civil rights attorney, I've never known Christina to back down from a fight. She has the smarts, intensity, and dedication to justice that HD-33 and Oregon needs to make housing more accessible and more affordable.

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Kathleen Taylor Oregon State Senator

If we're going to close the pay gap and vigorously protect the rights of women, we need strong, effective leaders. As an Oregon State Senator, I know how important it is to have partners in the Oregon House who aren't afraid of tackling the hard issues. That's why I am excited to endorse Christina Stephenson to be the next Representative of House District 33. Christina has firsthand experience fighting for pay equality and protecting women in the workplace. She's ready to hit the ground running on day one

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Carla Piluso State Representative

I've seen Christina advocate for the little guy in Salem, and I know she'll be an effective partner on my community's priorities, like welcoming immigrants and making our criminal justice system work for everyone. That's why I'm endorsing her for House District 33.


Kathryn Harrington Chair of Washington County Board of Commissioners

The best approach to improving livability and economic opportunity in Washington County is to maximize community involvement in government. But we also need leaders who know how to listen. And we need partners at the state level who will give the people of Washington County the voice they deserve in the Capitol. That's why I'm elated to endorse Christina Stephenson. As a civil rights attorney, Christina shares my longtime goal of improving access to government for people of color. She'll fight for fairness and demand inclusion. Christina grew up in Washington County and knows what's important to all of us. We can depend on her to help move Washington County forward!

Lacey Beaty Beaverton City Councilor

Having served in the Army during the war in Iraq, I know that returning to life as a civilian and finding a way to thrive can be difficult. The challenges are even greater for those who became disabled during their time in uniform. Creating and maintaining an environment in which every veteran can succeed and excel requires collaborative effort as well as strategic partnerships throughout all levels of government and within our community. That's why I'm thrilled to endorse Christina Stephenson. As someone who led the way on a successful legislative push in Salem while actively contributing to her personal and professional communities in Portland, she has both an expansive perspective and a knack for diverse coalition building. Christina is in the business of pursuing justice for her civil rights clients, so we know her heart is in the right place when it comes to fighting for the dignity that our veterans deserve.

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Marc San Soucie Beaverton City Councilor

I've served Beaverton as a member of City Council since 2008, and I want our community to be strongly represented in Salem. That’s why I'm enthusiastically endorsing Christina Stephenson on her run for Representative of House District 33. With Christina advocating for us in the legislature, we can count on her to fight for policies that improve the quality of life in our community and throughout Oregon, including finding real housing solutions, improving transportation effectiveness, and being a voice for measures that help us improve the services we can provide in our cities and counties.


Steve March Former Multnomah County Auditor

A Census will be taken this year, and the results will confirm that our state has experienced extraordinary growth over the past decade. We need proven leaders to guide us through the redistricting process while addressing the needs of all Oregonians. We need legislators who see these challenges as opportunities, and that's why I'm enthusiastically endorsing Christina Stephenson for State Representative - HD 33 Oregon is poised to gain a 6th seat in the US House of Representatives and our state legislature will be tasked with creating new district boundaries across Oregon. Christina is a battle-proven civil rights attorney, and I know she'll stand for equity throughout this process.

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Mohamed Alyajouri Portland Community College Board Trustee - Zone 6

As a member of the Portland Community College Board of Directors, I trust Christina Stephenson to fight to ensure that every student has a path forward to a strong future. That's why I’m proud to endorse her campaign to be the next Representative of House District 33. She has the experience and understanding necessary to most effectively advocate for the inclusion, equity, and priorities that our Oregon students need and deserve.


Michelle DePass Portland Public Schools Board Member

Michelle and I share a commitment to ensuring that our schools center racial justice and equity so that every student has a chance at success. - Christina


Erika Lopez Hillsboro School Board Chair

Systemic underfunding and institutional racism have resulted in the current state of our public education system. Having state representatives that not only understand this but are committed to disrupting this norm is key to improving outcomes for our students. We need representatives that understand that our biggest investment in the future success of Oregon is our children and their education. That is why I'm enthusiastically endorsing Christina Stephenson for Representative of House District 33. Christina's time spent in Salem, and her record of achievement in the Capital demonstrates that she has the political power necessary to deliver results for Oregon schools. And as a fellow mom in politics, I know that education is a top priority for her. She's driven by the same passion I am when it comes to making things better for all kids everywhere.

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Tom Colett Beaverton School District Board Member

As a local School Board member, I see firsthand the need for advocates in the capitol who will fight for education funding to support our students. That's why I'm proud to endorse Christina Stephenson for State Representative - HD 33. Christina combines the tenacity of an accomplished civil rights lawyer with the valuable perspective of a working mom with a child in our public schools. Christina's record of getting results for the underdog makes her exactly the kind of leader that Oregon schools, our students, our families need.

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Felicita Monteblanco President, Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District

As President of the Board of Directors at the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District, I believe that healthy, thriving neighborhoods mean making sure that our community members have abundant opportunities to make the most of where they live. So does Christina Stephenson. That's why I'm thrilled to endorse Christina for Representative of House District 33. Working with Christina on different projects, I see how committed she is to taking care of our parks, trails, and natural areas. And with the no-nonsense approach of a successful businesswoman, a mom and a seasoned civil rights attorney, Christina will ensure that Oregon neighborhoods – and Oregonians – thrive.


Tya Ping Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation Board Director

Leaders in government need to be creative and resourceful collaborators who can reliably find innovative ways to build effective coalitions. Based on my own experience, being a busy mom with a career is a surefire way to develop just such a skillset in a hurry. That's what Christina Stephenson brings on day one, and that's why I'm proud to endorse Christina Stephenson for State Representative for HD 33. A busy mom who balances family, owning a business and running a successful civil rights law practice can get it done for us in Salem.


Sarah Tarter Mental Health Nurse

Mental health is public health, and that's why Oregon needs lawmakers who can help revamp our health care system. That's why I'm proud to endorse Christina Stephenson for State Representative - HD 33.


Kate Newhall

When we agree on which issues are most important to us, we need to recognize that getting results requires electing leaders with the kind of sharpened judgment that comes from experience. That's why I'm proudly endorsing Christina Stephenson for State Representative of House District 33. Her toughness has been forged in courtrooms while fighting for equal pay for women as a civil rights lawyer. She's delivered success in Salem while advocating for bereavement and paid family leave. She's consistently shown us the value of having an accomplished attorney in the legislature, and she'll always do what's best for Oregon families.


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