Why I'm Running

I am a mom, a civil rights attorney, and a small business owner.

Born and raised in Washington County, I’ve dedicated my life to community service – working to support reproductive choice, environmental protection, and equitable workplaces. As a civil rights attorney, I’ve donated hundreds of hours helping progressive organizations pass legislation focused on racial and economic justice.

My experiences as an attorney, mother, and native Oregonian have driven my passion to expand access to housing and healthcare, strengthen our public schools, and take bold climate action.

I’ve helped pass Paid Family Leave, Equal Pay, and more, yet there is so much more to do for Oregon. I am uniquely qualified to make progress on what matters most: an Oregon that is stronger, healthier, and fairer for all.

I hope you'll join me!

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Sign the Petition: It's Time for Bold Climate Action!

The Covid-19 pandemic demands urgent collective action to address existential threats, both immediate and those posed by future public health hazards. Climate change also creates grave danger, and will require the same concerted effort as ending this pandemic. But, these parallel crises converge to create a unique opportunity to forge a brighter future for us all, where ALL Oregonians have opportunities to thrive.


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Christina worked with the Oregon AFL-CIO in drafting, negotiating, and testifying on Oregon's landmark Workplace Fairness Act.

Video of Christina's testimony here!


Christina worked with AAUW, Family Forward, and others to draft a strong Equal Pay Act in Oregon.

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Christina advocating for public employer accountability and sexual harassment protections.


Christina worked with the ACLU, Basic Rights Oregon, and others in support of trans Oregonians.

Meeting With Veterans

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Meet the Candidate

About the District

Oregon House District 33 includes:

Parts of Washington County and Multnomah County;

Parts of Portland and Beaverton; and

Unincorporated areas including Bethany, Cedar Mill, Oak Hills, and West Haven-Sylvan.

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Registered Democrats in HD 33 Can Vote for Christina in the Primary May 19, 2020